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In a detailed and comprehensive needs assessment, key issues and priorities are identified by the woman and a support plan developed in conjunction with a key worker.


Regular reviews together with support and monitoring is used to ensure that a woman’s goals and targets are always appropriate.



AWIUK works with staff from a range of specialist agencies in the provision of specialist personal development courses to enable women to recognise choices and empower them to make positive changes.


AWUK currently does not employ any staff member due to funding limitations. However, the organization operates thanks to kind support of its 6 volunteers who are working shoulder to shoulder with the Board of Directors.



Volunteers provide invaluable help with a variety of tasks including administration, delivery of courses and support activities, fundraising, individual service user support and promotion of AWIUK.


Mentors provide on-going support to users who have successfully completed support plans.

ABout us

We are a dedicated charity organisation working to develop and uphold standards and create an environment in which every woman, child, and young person can strive through the provision of information, advice, and opportunities despite his/her background. The key characteristic of the women with whom we work is that they are affected by multiple disadvantages.

They are socially excluded, considered “hard to reach” and do not engage with mainstream services. The most common problems are isolation, lack of confidence, depression, mental health, domestic violence and abuse, housing issues, lone parenthood, substance misuse, lack of family support, financial problems, and reliance on benefits. The organisation was established on 31/03/2019 as a CIC under the name  African Women’s Vision for Peace and Development then was later converted into a charity in November of 2020 under the current name 


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An essential element of the organisation is allowing women to be involved in the organisation through opportunities to volunteer and to be involved in our peer mentoring scheme.   Services users formed a group called Friends of AWIUK in May 2019 to enable women to be involved in sustaining and developing services at AWIUK. The group is made up of current and former service users all of whom support AWIUK through fundraising events, networking locally with other organizations, and providing a forum for service users to have a voice.


In a safe, positive, and supportive environment, the variety of courses and learning opportunities on offer help a woman learn new skills, develop as an individual and realize their potential. In order to provide flexibility of accessibility courses are non-accredited and open for any woman to attend at any time.  


AWIUK offers a variety of services to women, including:

  • ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

  • Specialist benefits and debt advice through a local agency

  • Access to a local counseling service

  • Domestic abuse

  • Advice and support in seeking work, education, and training

  • Opportunities for voluntary work

  • Outings and activities

  • Gender-specific advice and training packages for other agencies

  • Computer class

  • Alcohol ‘n Me

  • Cooking Made Easy

  • Managing Emotions

  • De-Stress (3-week classes)

  • Feeling Fine (3-week classes)

  • Beginner Computers

  • AWIUK Book Club (volunteer-led)

  • English Conversation classes

  • Freedom Programme

  • Self-esteem and goal setting

  • Literacy

  • Numeracy

  • Introduction to British Citizenship

  • Counseling Skills course

  • Sports 

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